Why women in the UAE are so stuck up

By no means am I being sexist or offending women, I’m just discussing a very common phenomenon. Anyone who has traveled around will realize that some, if not most, women in the UAE start to get a bigger ego and act more stuck up with guys compared to women living in other countries. I would advise the women reading this to take this article with a grain of salt before bombarding the comment section.

Emirati women have a naturally high ego due to the fact that they are the superior ‘local’ race. Expat men have little to no chance of comfortably flirting with an Emirati woman. Be a little bit too pushy and you just may end up in jail. Even the government doesn’t welcome the approach, by not even allowing UAE women’s children to gain automatic citizenship. Only Emirati men will have the courage, financial capability and favor with the law to confidently approach Emirati women.

As for expat women, their boosted ego comes from the fact that their value is several multiples more than it would be living back in their home countries. The reason for this is a simple supply/demand calculation. As per official statistics, the UAE population has a shocking percentage of 69% men. Which means for every 3 women there are 7 men. This is only the general statistic. To be even more specific, in the age range of 25-54, for every 3 women there are 10 men! This ratio is the worst in the world, second only to Qatar.

This extremely imbalanced ratio create a higher demand for women. This results in average or below-average women being treated like queens. Women coming from abroad will get a sudden shock where they realize that as soon as they landed there are men battling for their attention. This immediately boosts the woman’s ego, and sometimes (if not most of the times) leads her to stick her nose in the air and being stuck up.

In the UAE, men are aggressively competing to please women, showering them with gifts and expensive dates, when they can get much better women with less effort from another country.  This makes women in the UAE expect to be treated better and set the standard very high. Unfortunately, in the UAE, a materialistic effort is often mistaken for a “better treatment”, leaving men with bad financials ‘forever lonely’.


  1. I was agreeing with the first part of this article then kept reading… treated like queens???, showered with gifts???. Not true. men here are just not worth the time or effort bcus of their disrespectful mentality. Treating women like an object, and outright calling women in Dubai “gold diggers”. Well that’s for those women who throw themselves and make themselves available like a piece of meat.
    That’s why I stay my lane.
    Now why do you say we’re stuck up again?

  2. Check the socioeconomic status of the data pool from those ‘spastistics’ you quoted.

  3. Because they’re all creeps. By default that means we have to be bitches. We’re not like that day-to-day. You would know that if you had any luck, but I guess that makes you one of the creeps. Ooo burn 😂

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