Video: BBC reporter does a secret report about Dubai laborers, the result is shocking

The video has obtained millions of views and has been shared all over the world. Basically, the point he tries to bring forward is that behind all the glitter comes a darker side of Dubai.

As he interviews many laborers and recruitment agencies, he starts talking about how laborers usually take out loans or sell family land to pay recruitment agencies for the luxury of working in Dubai. The companies charge amounts that are too large to abuse their power and profit from the demand of working in Dubai. Most of the times the recruitment agencies were misleading with their contracts and promises.

The report further goes to describe how laborers are practically slaves, their passports taken from them on arrival, and threatened to be fired if their work is less than perfect.

Their living conditions are horrible and in one case featured in the report, there is a camp where 45 men shared 2 toilets and 1 shower. Also, sewage was leaking rivers making the camp smell terrible.

Not only did they have to live in these conditions, but they also had to tolerate their salaries not being paid or getting reduced.

Although this report was made a few years ago, and things might have changed, but it doesn’t change the fact that these are the conditions that Dubai was built in all these years, and no matter how much the conditions are better now, the buildings we see will always have an aura of their dark past.

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  1. Even though the lobaour life is far below the line of an average life’ in all over the world.
    But i felt that the contreis who claim the highest standard of environment for life, atleast they should provide a better salareis and they should introduce a law where they can report against any brutality.

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