UAE replaces Somalia with Somaliland on online visa application form


If you browse the UAE’s online visa application website, you will realize that Somalia has been removed from the list and replaced with The Republic of Somaliland.

The UAE hasn’t been having the best relationship with Somalia, mainly due to its support of The Republic of Somaliland. Somaliland was previously the northern part of Somalia but wanted to separate due to tribal issues. The separation between the two has been since 1991, but Somaliland has yet to be recognized internationally.

Tensions escalated in a recent incident where Somalia seized $9.6m from a UAE plane at gunpoint. The plane was carrying that big amount without declaring it. Somalia considered this move illegal financing and suspect the UAE of attempting to finance separation between Somalia and Somaliland.

The UAE does have its eyes set on Somalia’s northern area which is a strategic location for trade, which is why it is building a port based on a deal with Somaliland. This deal is one that Somalia rejects and considers illegal.

The UAE has recently removed Somalia as an option from its online visa application form and replaced that with Somaliland instead. Somaliland passports and livestock imports are now also officially accepted.




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