Teacher in UAE school dances with his students, gets punished

A teacher at a public school in Sharjah was dancing with his students in a class and was later transferred out of the school as a punishment.

The kids were happily singing and dancing in class, when the teacher, instead of calming them down, decided to join them. Things went perfectly fine that day until one of the students posted a recorded of the in-class fun, and it went viral.

The video managed to land in the hands of Sharjah Education Zone (SEZ), and an official stated that “such behaviors are against the values of the UAE society”, he also added that “the teacher was not in control of the class”. The Ministry of Education summoned the parents and made everyone sign undertakings that this kind of “behavior” does not happen again.

Many social media users expressed that he was indeed in control by befriending the students and creating a strong bond to facilitate better learning. However, there are also some that have expressed their disapproval and believe that students and teachers must hold a more reserved type of behavior.

Sharjah is one of the more strict emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where there are laws such as men not being allowed to wear shorts in public.

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