Syrian Artist deported from Lebanon arrives in UAE, warned not to “cross the line”

Angie Khoury is a successful Syrian artist who was based in Lebanon before she was recently deported. She has now arrived in the UAE and was warned not to “cross the line” or face being prosecuted by the law.

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This is my dance☺️☺️

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Angie, having been based in Lebanon, was given 20 days to pack her things and leave the country. This was mainly due to her being part of a series of scandals and instances of “culturally indecent behaviour”, but the last strike was her “provocative” behaviour during the current Lebanese protests.

Saleh Al Jasmi, brother of the succesful Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi, released a video on social media speaking on the matter and warning Angie not to “cross the red line”. He also attacked the Emirati who brought Angie into the UAE on a visit visa, by calling him a “kharoof”, which means a sheep. He criticized the owner of a popular Dubai night club, who sponsored Angie’s entry into the UAE, questioning why he would bring “such a person in… if Lebanon couldn’t tolerate her, how will the UAE?”.

“As soon as she arrived in the UAE, she started flirting with Emirati men, dancing, kissing around, and kissing with girls too.” Jasmi spoke sternly, ” Anyways, I am sitting here and watching you…I swear to God… If you cross the red line… you will directly be prosecuted by the UAE law”.

He followed with another video directed to the owner of the night club saying, ” To the owner of the nightclub, the “kharoof”, I warn you, if she doesn’t behave within her limits, not only will she be deported, but your nightclub will be shut down like many other were shut down before.”

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من #سنابي أعلق في الفيديو الاول على الخروف الذي ابتلانا ب #انجي_خوري بإحضارها إلى الدولة وأقول لها بأننا بلد قانون وأي تجاوز لك سوف أقاضيكي، وفي الفيديو الثاني أعلن أن الخروف الذي احضرها من نفس جنسيتها بتأشيرة زيارة على كفالة أحد المراقص الليلية، وعليه أؤكد بأن أي تجاوز للقانون أو فيديوهات خلاعية كما كانت تفعلها في السابق فستجد نفسها أمام بلاغ لسعادة #النائب_العام الاتحادي ب #ابوظبي فنحن كإماراتيين لن نرضى بتصرفات وأفعال مشينة. #صالح_الجسمي #الامارات #لبنان#سوريا #إنجي_خوري #آنجي_خوري #سوشيال #سوشيال_ميديا #الخليج #مرقص #ملهى #فن_هابط #رقص #خلاعه

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Something tells me this won’t be the end of this because as soon as Angie arrived in the UAE, she headed to a Dubai nightclub (probably the one that sponsored her), and started releasing provocative stories on her Instagram.

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