Secretary raped by employer 3 days after arriving in UAE

An identified 23 year old female was raped by her expat employer only 3 days after arriving in the UAE.

The rapist, also unidentified, is a 42-year-old “Asian” man with the initials M.S.S was sentenced to 3 years jail to be followed by deportation.

The victim was told about a job opening as a secretary for a UAE-based company belonging to M.S.S. He offered her an “attractive salary” and even offered to pay her airline tickets.

However, he told her that she had to stay in his place until they find accommodation for her. Upon landing, he drove her off to his apartment in a “far off place in Ajman” where he raped her.

The police report states that on the 3rd day he spiked her drink with alcohol and raped her while she was unconscious.

She eventually escaped the apartment and reported the incident at the nearest police department.

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