Is your business in the UAE struggling? Digital Marketing might save you

If your business in the UAE is struggling, there might be a solution to your problem: Digital Marketing.

Although the UAE is technologically advanced, keep in mind that the country is relatively new, and when it comes to the internet, it’s much like the population, not that crowded.

You have a geographical advantage

The fact that home-based businesses and non-physical shops are practically non-existent due to government regulations makes the online space in the UAE even less crowded. In other countries, these type of businesses focus mainly on internet marketing and make it hard for you to compete online.

The UAE is so geographically small and concentrated that 75% of the population is in two cities only, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This makes it easy for you as a business owner to target your marketing; that’s because the online space gets segregated into regions.

That means you won’t have to compete in too many different regions, and you could focus all your efforts in just two regions while reaching 75% of the population.

You’re going to need help

It all sounds great and exciting. However, the main issue with Digital Marketing is that the common person knows absolutely nothing about it or how it works. And no it’s not “making an insta and fb page, adding hashtags then creating a blogspot website” as my cousin said.

But the fact that no one anything about it is what makes it important, that’s your opportunity to get a piece of the internet pie.

Here’s the catch though: You’re absolutely going to need to hire a professional company to do it for you. It’s unavoidable. It is practically a science now. It gets complicated, and it has so many factors to it that it needs teams to handle its different aspects.

Don’t get scammed, and don’t cheap out

Yup, teams. Not some “SEO professional” guy who will pretty much take your money , convince you to keep buying useless services, asking for more money every month and telling you your presence online is improving while you have absolutely no idea what’s going on, and it’s probably nothing much – just you getting scammed.

You also can’t just hire some foreign company to do it. Yes, it may be cheaper, but a local company will have the connections and expertise in local search trends to actually bring you results, even if they cost more.

It’s better to go local

You’ll need to make sure you hire a good agency too, that’s because they will focus on giving you long term and lasting results, unlike some that will just give you a quick boost that fades in a while.

Does your business appear on the first page of Google’s search results? It probably doesn’t appear on Google at all.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important things in Digital Marketing. In the UAE, there could be hundreds of searches (per day) about the specific product or service you are selling.

In other countries, it would be a practically impossible task to bring you to that first page of Google, doesn’t matter who you hire to do it, that’s because there are those who built their SEO from a long time ago and have cemented their position on those first few pages of Google (that’s you in the future).

In the UAE, the SEO world is less saturated, and it’s actually possible for you to appear on the first page of Google. That means your website could be getting a targeted (and free) exposure of several hundred visits per day.

Have realistic expectations

Although it is comparatively easier, these things don’t get achieved overnight. It takes time and your expectations need to be realistic. You are going to need to hire a company that can give you full transparency about their strategy, regularly update you with results and gives you realistic expectations and targets.

Hire a good and trustworthy agency

Here’s a case study from Igloo, digital marketing agency Dubai, on one of their recent results working with a high profile client.

Case Study 1

Industry: Real Estate

Client: One of the top real estate companies in UAE

Market: UAE

Objective: Increase revenues by increasing organic traffic

Challenge: A very competitive industry and the Client’s website did not rank on the first page of search engines

Results: Within 12 months, we increased the Client’s organic traffic from 279 to 7,638 users per month

How did we achieve our goal and generated results for the Client:

  • Designed and developed a brand new website with strong UI/ UX elements to improve conversions
  • Performed keyword analysis and created a new content strategy
  • Created a detailed competitor analysis
  • Wrote new fresh SEO content
  • Drafted and implemented a tags strategy
  • Initiated an aggressive local offpage strategy that included high authority websites like .gov, .edu, and top news sites
  • Activated a strong URL strategy
  • Started a blog and news section and regularly added fresh new content

This is an example of the kind of company you should be looking to hire, with fully transparent and realistic long term strategies and result. Don’t fall for gimmicks or false promises such as “we will achieve this and that in a month or two”.

“But I’m planning to use paid ads and appear on the first page without the need for all this”

Paying for ads will definitely get you results, but it is rarely profitable, as it gets expensive over time. Also, even paying for ads is no easy task; you could spend a 1000$ in just a day on paid ads and get no results – if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You’ll need an agency to take care of that for you, and make sure that the money you are paying on ads will be properly targeted and get you the maximum return on investment.

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