Is the UAE planning to microchip it’s residents?

At the 39th Gitex Technology Week, Etisalat has revealed it’s upcoming NFC microchip technology which local media is praising, but is a concept which may have a dark side.

The new technology was demonstrated to the Crown Price of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan, who seems to be backing the idea.

Etisalat, which is a UAE telecommunication company, has partnered with a swedish company, Biohax International, to create this microchip that is supposed to be planted into a person’s hand.

Although local media are presenting this idea as a technological breakthrough, and boasting about its benefits, it has already been created and introduced in Europe, and has received alot of backlash, with many Europians rejecting to inject it into their bodies.

Microchip implants are also widely considered by many to be “the mark of the beast”, which is part of a religious prophecy in which the “Anti-Christ” places his mark on humans, and that it should be rejected.

These implants have also been critisized by the public and human rights organizations due to their ability to be used to create more stricter control and surveillance over a population.

Although Etisalat is just a telecommunications company, it is government owned, and is practically monopolizing the market, whereby other telecommunication companies are only allowed to operate on Etisalat’s infrastructure.

The UAE goverment, or the Ruler, fully have the power, with the snap of a finger, to force residents to use these implants. Which begs the question, is this UAE’s future plan? To further increase control and surveillance over residents? And is that why the Crown Prince is endorsing this initiative?

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This is not good we will never inject that shit in our hands.this is totally wrong and bullshit


The Ruler doesn’t really knew what Satan has already planned. Satan is using this to fulfill his mission – to kill, steal and destroy ( Jn 10:10 ). Satan is always mindful of the things of man ( this microchip is for the good and benefits of mankind ? ) not of the things of God ( Mat 16:23 ). If you have this mark, you sold yourself to him. You are his property. His destiny is your destiny – LAKE OF FIRE !!!