Indian Embassy in UAE alerts nationals to report salary delay

The Indian Embassy in the UAE has announced on it’s social media an alert to all Indian nationals to report all instances of their salary payments being delayed.

“All Indian nationals are hereby informed to report to the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi / Consulate General of India, Dubai of any instance of delay in payment of salary by the employer in UAE.”

The UAE already has a system in place for reporting violations of delays in salary payments. It also has heavy fines and penalties for companies that commit violations.

However, these systems are not always practically successful. They look good on paper and media, but there has been many cases where the systems were unable to protect expats from being abused by employers.

It seems this system is really not working for Indian nationals, which must be the reason that the embassy seems to have decided to take things into it’s own hands.

Indians make up the highest percentage of UAE’s population. It’s unclear why the Indian population in UAE seems to be having an irregular number of complaints. It could be due to several reasons.

Indian nationals take up many, if not most, of the laborer jobs in the country. It’s common to find violations against laborers in the UAE, who most of the time are helpless and too weak to stand up for themselves. There’s a general aura of racism and disregard on a social level for Indians in the UAE.

Instructing it’s nationals to report violations to the embassy, and not to the UAE government, is a perfectly clear statement by itself.

When approached for statements, embassy staff gave standard diplomatic answers, not really explaining what is happening, probably to not affect political ties between India and UAE.

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Do Indian Embassy really work for their citizens working hard or little bit?
I’ve been working in This region since last 25 years never experienced this.
Embassy staff and their Head only enjoying the diplomatic freedom for them.