How UAE residents can profit from Dubai Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 doesn’t have to be all about countries, governments or economies. You as a UAE resident have, what may be, a once in a lifetime opportunity to massively profit from this event and/or drastically change your life.

World Expos have been happening since the 19s and they’ve been called world’s fair, world fair, universal exposition, international exposition or the more simple and modern term “Expo”.

Although they’ve historically initially focused on technological advancements and inventions, they’ve progressed to cover a wider range of domains such as trade, marketing, investments etc…

World Expos happen once every 5 years for a duration of around 6 months. The next one is, as you probably already know, in Dubai Expo 2020, which is coming next year for the first time in the middle east. But what you probably don’t know, is how important this event could be for your life.

Most importantly, you have the upper hand advantage in living in the same country that the Expo is happening in. While most participants will need to go through the struggle of arrangements such as logistics, accommodation and visas, you will be playing at home court.

If you have a product, service, business, idea or even invention, this is your moment for what may be the highest, longest and most diverse exposure or profits you’ll ever get, and best of all, it’s going to be one or two hours away.

If you don’t have any of the above, it’s important for you to consider whether this is the right timing for you to start. Here are a few examples of success stories that began in World Expos.

Closeup of a colorful zipper with metal teeth

The zipper

As simple as the zipper concept is, designed by Whitcomb Judson and introduced to the world at the Chicago World Fair in 1893. Now the company YKK, with its modest headquarters in Japan, makes almost half of the zippers in the world creating a billions in wealth.

The lesson: No matter how simple or small you think your concept is, it can become something huge due to the high level of exposure you’ll get at the expo.

The x-ray machine

The X-ray machine was on display at the 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Exposition. In this expo, U.S. President William McKinley was shot by an anarchist during the event. He died 8 days later, which diverted a lot of attention towards the X-ray machine, an invention which could have been used to find the bullet on his body.
The lesson: You never know how luck plays out and your product, idea or service gets the attention you need.

The ice cream cone

The edible ice cream cone which is now internationally enjoyed was first introduced to the crowds as late as the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Ice cream until then was only served in metal or paper holders, and the higher number of visitors were clearly seen enjoying the concept of a waffle rolled by hand into a conical shape, and being edible.
The lesson: The high number of visitors could demonstrate a live scenario for your product, which eliminates the need for testing and helps investors make an on-spot decision.


At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Inventor Thomas Edison oversaw the setup of “The Palace of Electricity”, an electrical exhibit, which was set up in a very eye-catching way. The public marvelled at the beautiful way he presented the creation of electricity.
The lesson: Even the inventor of electricity, no matter how much of a human necessity his invention was, saw the need to be present at the Expo and get eyes on his product.

The baby incubator

A9 the 1909 Seattle World’s Fair, an exhibit made national headlines –people were PAYING and stayed in line for hours to see premature babies inside newly-invented incubators.
The lesson: Other than your product having the chance to get additional exposure through local media, you could actually make a good amount of money from public viewers to support the development of your product.

The mobile phone

The first mobile phone was shown at the 1970 World Expo in Japan, but it only became popular a few decades later.
The lesson: The exposure you will get at the expo could be everlasting. Even if your product, service or creation doesn’t profit from the Expo at the time of the event, you will get the chance to learn from your mistakes and improve your product for you to come back later and capitalize.

Without going into the boring details, that you can easily find online, the most important aspect of your participation in the World Expo is going to be how attractive your spot at the exhibition is going to be.

You can either blend in with the masses and have a boring simple stand, or you can consult with a company to bring your ideas to life and create for you an exceptional exhibition stand design Dubai would be proud to have. Give it your best, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only should you be aiming for something that makes you stand out, but also make sure that nothing goes wrong during those critical times.

Good luck and don’t forget to send me a tip once you’re rich. (or an autograph at least)

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