Ex-UAE expat warned by CIA, threat from Saudi Arabia

Iyad El-Baghdadi, a UAE raised expat, who was deported from the UAE, has received warnings from the CIA about a threat to his life from Saudi Arabia.

Baghdadi is a pro-democracy activist and an expert on authoritarianism who has a large following on Twitter. On May 1st, he was arrested by UAE authorities and told he would be deported. A UAE official simply told him, “You should try and remember if you said anything that might cause something like this.”

Baghdadi was later taken in by Norway, where he continues his work while living as political refugee. Baghdadi, who knew Khashoggi, told Al-Jazeera: “A big part of my work these past two years was focused on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, especially after the murder of my friend Jamal Khashoggi.”

On April 25, Norwegian officials appeared at his home and warned him that he is in danger.

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