Dubai Ruler’s wife escapes, UAE secrets at risk, local media silent

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Ruler, woke up from his bed a few weeks ago and found that his wife, Princess Haya of Jordan, has taken their 2 children and fled the UAE.

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, 45, is the stepsister of the current king of Jordan. She has royal blood and a matching upbringing.

She studied in the UK, graduating from Oxford University with a BA honours degree in philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE). She’s also an exceptional horse-rider, starting at the age of 13, and later qualifying for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia representing Jordan in show jumping,

She married Dubai’s Ruler, MBR, in 2004 and had two children from him. Royal marriages are usually strategic, such as to create alliances. Jordan’s ties with the UAE are strong, where it has backed the UAE in the blockage against Qatar.

The controversy began when a Dr Osama Fawzi, who runs a vlog on his YouTube channel ‘Arab Times’, released a video where he alleged to receive a message from an anonymous female who stated that she was from the UAE royal family and informed him that Princess Haya has taken the children, along with millions in cash, and fled the UAE.

His video was generally disregarded and considered as a mere rumour derived from the fact that Princess Haya’s Twitter account came to a sudden halt for a long while. However, several weeks later, international media confirm that Princess Haya has indeed fleed the UAE and taken asylum in Germany.

Dr Fawzi also claimed that the messages contained the reason for her escape, but it was so terrible that he chose not to reveal it. However, in the remainder of his video, he kept talking about his insider knowledge of the royal family and how Dubai’s Ruler mistreats the children in his family.

Not long ago, Latifa Al Maktoum, one of the Dubai Ruler’s daughters, attempted to escape the UAE but was caught by coordination between UAE and Indian authorities while she was being smuggled out on a boat. A video of her was then released, which was her backup plan in case she was caught, where she claims shocking and outrageous behaviour by her father. Latifa was never seen or heard of since then.

Princess Haya was unique, different from the ruler’s other wives, in which she was the one he chose to always be in the spotlight, accompanying him to public events and making speeches at ceremonies.

She is now filing for divorce and moving to acquire half of his wealth in the UK. Sources say that the Dubai Ruler will allow the divorce to happen peacefully, in fear of Princess Haya releasing many of his and the country’s secrets that she came to know of while being his wife. These secrets pose a serious threat to the UAE and/or Dubai incase they were to be released.

The Dubai Ruler, a fan of poetry and a poet himself, has written a poem that was later removed where he called Princess Haya a “liar” and a “betrayer” among many other insults which are considered in Arab culture as inappropriate and an attack on the Princess’ royal status.

Local UAE media make absolutely no mention of this incident, and probably never would, due to the censorship imposed on all local media in the UAE, and the absence of free media.

Sources say that local propaganda is being spread by local religious figures whereby they are attempting to silence the topic by stating that “it is a private family matter” and that it is a sin to discuss it.

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