Dubai allows motorists to renew registration without paying fines

Dubai is now allowing motorists to renew their vehicle registrations without paying their traffic fines.

Previously, motorists had to first pay off their fines before being able to renew their vehicle registrations. This caused major issues mainly due to motorists sometimes racking up too many fines, but unable to pay them, which led them to either be deeper in debt by paying up or avoid renewing their vehicle registrations and drive under added stress.

Dubai Media Office announced today that it is not longer required to pay off fines before renewing vehicle registrations, this is part of a fines discounts initiative that was launched by the Dubai Police on February 6.

The discount initiative, as reported by Gulf News: “Motorists who don’t commit traffic offences for three months (counted from February 6) get a 25 per cent discount on accumulated traffic fines. A clean record for six months means a 50 per cent discount, nine months means a 75 per cent discount and those who have a clean record for one year get a 100 per cent discount.”

This initiative by Dubai Police will help add some relief to many Dubai expats’ lives, as traffic fines in Dubai are expensive and take up a good percentage of the average Dubai motorist annual spending. Traffic fines are even more stressing when they accumulate and prevent you from renewing your vehicle registration, which escalates into further issues.

Thank you, Dubai Police.

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My vehicle is abu dhabi registared (Abu dhabi number plat). And i have fine in dubai so can i get advantage of fine discount intiative?

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