Cryotherapy: futuristic subzero treatments in Dubai

Cryotherapy chambers, similar to the ones we’ve seen on Sci-Fi movies, are on the rise in Dubai. The treatment has been resulting in positive feedback from patients reporting successful results to health problems, and more UAE residents have been opting in to experience the treatment under subzero temperatures.

Cryotherapy is a technique in which a person is exposed to temperatures as low as -141 degrees Celcius to stimulate physical and mental health benefits. It has been reported to speed up muscle recovery, reduce tissue damage, relieve pain, improve blood circulation and accelerate weight loss.

This approach is being used by amateur and professional athletes all over the world, as they tend to be more willing to experiment with new technologies. Floyd Mayweather Jr, Lebron James and Usain Bolt are some of the prominent athletes known to frequently undergo cryo treatment. However, the treatment is now finding its way into the mainstream and is becoming more affordable for the common person to enjoy its benefits.

In Dubai, there is currently a rapid growth of investment and plans for expanding cryotherapy in Dubai, with Dubai firms aiming to be the leading at the forefront of Cryotherapy technology. 

Cryotherapy for Racehorses

The procedure’s success has even found its way into treating racehorses in Dubai, which is a world first. A Dubai-based startup has been putting special focus on full-body cryotherapy cabins for competition horses and the results are already being seen.

Regular cryotherapy helps the horses to train harder and more frequently, which supports their physical endurance – a critical success factor for the world’s fastest horses. And because cryotherapy releases natural hormones, raising adrenaline, testosterone and endorphin levels, it also improves the horses’ strength and speed – another boost to equine performance.

“Your body responds to extreme cold by trying to warm itself up. This makes your metabolism work faster, improves blood circulation and boosts oxygen. Cryotherapy also helps you reduce stress levels and improve your general wellbeing, and has been used to reduce headaches and improve sleep. Exposure to extreme cold also helps you burn calories faster – a single session can help you burn 500 – 800 calories throughout the day!”

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Weight Loss

When exposed to cold temperatures, the body starts using fats for instant energy to warm the body. This increases the metabolic rate and helps burn calories faster.

Performance Boost

Athletes use cryo treatments before or after a workout to boost performance, decrease fatigue and muscle pain, and speed up workouts.

Headaches and Migranes

Similar to those ice packs you use when you have headaches, Cryotherapy treatment works even better. Extremely low temperatures cool the blood passing through the vessels and increase blood circulation. This speeds up the production of endorphins and has a positive effect on insomnia, moods and sleep patterns.

Improved Blood Circulation

When your body reacts to the cold, it increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients around and improves your metabolism. Improved blood circulation helps you have a healthier lifestyle and has a positive impact on your wellbeing and general health.

Skin Toning

Cryo treatments improve skin by boosting oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. During a single treatment, your blood vessels constrict and then dilate. Because of this, regular cryo facials tighten the skin and reduce signs of aging.

Nitrogen usage in Cryotherapy Chambers

There has been controversy around the side effects of using Nitrogen inside Cryotherapy Chambers. In fact, with Nitrogen filling the chamber, the customer faces the risk of inhaling liquid nitrogen, which is hazardous. Nitrogen merchants have been wary about selling gas to Cryotherapy firms. Cryotherapy clinics such as UCRYO, use electric chambers that operate on Oxygen instead of Nitrogen, making them a good choice to try out safe cryotherapy in Dubai.

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