Com Mirza in Dubai jail for fraud, betrayed by ex-associate

Although Com Mirza has 800k+ followers on Instagram, a so-called “influencer”, you may have never heard of him before, but you might have heard of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) or Leverage Program (LP) that he founded, and operated both in Dubai, that many claim to have been scammed by, and eventually led him to his arrested.

Aziz Com Mirza’s Instagram states that he is an “Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Influencer/content creator, Food blogger, Philanthropist”. However, going through his Instagram now you will see thousands of comments on his motivational videos calling him “Con” Mirza, a scammer, thief, conman, fake Muslim and some even wishing death upon him.

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#TB – A man/woman without a goal is a soul without a purpose. I write my goals daily because I’m deadly serious about wanting to achieve my potential. In the end that’s what I’m chasing. A dream of me being the best version of myself that God blessed me with the vision to imagine. There’s many methods strategies and tactics to achieve goals. In my own personal experience and through hundreds of people who I’ve helped achieve different levels of success the one thing that has helped me the most in addition to God, family, and hustle is the ability to control the thoughts that roam around in my head. Mindset is not just a cool phrase it’s literally the defining difference between big achievers and those living below their potential. To develop your mindset I suggest you practice writing your goals down every single day. By simply writing your goals consistently you can re wire the neurological pathways of the brain to begin to attract to you the opportunities you need to execute on towards the completion of your goals. Thoughts become things and if you change your thoughts you change everything. By writing goals everyday you are forced to think about them, feel them, feel the emotions and the energy vibrations around them. This instantly reduces fear doubt worry procrastination and negativity. A focused mind is no longer the devils workshop but becomes his competition. Those without goals are wandering earth without dreams or purpose. The deeper you can align with your goals the more you write them down the faster they manifest into reality. Define some goals, write them down daily and watch how life begins to excite you all over again. I swear by this one single action. It has changed my life and I write them 5 times a day for the past 13 years. #goals #dreamchasing #mydubai #dubai #uae #dubaiinfluencer #privatejet #globalexpress #globalexpress6000 #writinggoals #goalsetter #achieve #success #influencer #blogger #dubaiblogger #godisgood #dreams #believeinyourself #faith #goalscience #dubailife #abudhabi #sharjah #goals❤️ 🎥 @mkb_dxb

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Gulf News investigative reporter Mazhar Farooqui, who has done a great job in the past investigating and exposing UAE scams has made a report back in April 2019, exposing Com Mirza and giving a voice to many of his “victims”.

One of the interesting discoveries in the report is that Harun Rashid, who is the co-founder of MEN, considered one of Com Mirza’s inner circle of associates who have praised him in countless videos and helped him raise money from people, seems to have gone against him (after leaving the team late 2018) and given insider information about the operation which seems to be helping bringing him down.

In response to that report, Com Mirza released a video challenging Farooqui to release proof of his claims and attacked the journalist calling his work “fake news” and “lazy journalism”.

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I challenge this reporter to provide proof within 24 hours. ⠀ ⠀ If you cannot provide proof then this clearly indicates lazy journalism and a misrepresentation of the facts to create sensational headlines to sell a story. Too much fiction and fake news mixed in. ⠀ ⠀Prove me just one thing. The mysterious DS exists and has actually transferred 100k to anyone of my projects or me or anyone I know or anyone on the planet. There has to be a paper trail right? 3 weeks of investigative journalism and no fact checking? ⠀ ⠀ #gulfnews #mazharfarooqui #gulfnewsmedia #commirza #fakenews #provideproof #papertrail #evidence #dubai #mydubai #whoisDS #lazyjournalism #fictionreporting #publishretraction

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Although Gulf News did not respond to this challenge, Com Mirza has just been arrested and is in Dubai’s Al Awir jail on fraud charges. Several online Muslim communities are celebrating his arrest as it has been reported that Com Mirza mainly exploited the Muslim religion in his marketing.

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