Abu Dhabi Police announces 50% off on fines, no vehicle impound, no black points

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Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters have just announced a 50% discount on all fines accumulated before 22 December 2019, and a new early payment discount program.

As for all fines accumulated before December 22, 2019, a 50% discount will be automatically applied to them, and their black points will be waived, and no vehicles will be impounded, as long as they are paid within 3 months from December 22, 2019, which would be March 22, 2020.

As for fines accumulated after December 22, a new early payment program will be launched, which grants 35% fines as long as they are paid within 60 days. The discount also applies to vehicle impound payment alternatives, and also on late fees.

If the fines are not paid within 60 days, a 25% discount will still apply if paid within 1 year of the date of the fine, but this discount will not include vehicle impound alternatives or late payment fees.

The discounts that are given by this new early payment program apply to all fines except those that are considered extreme/dangerous or given by the court, such as “Driving under the influence of alcohol”.

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