A sandstorm just hit the UAE, and the government doesn’t want to give us a break.

A sandstorm has just hit the UAE, and it’s a serious one, but the government hasn’t taken any serious action to protect residents from health risks or physical harm. They basically don’t want to give us a break, just like a mother forcing us to go to school while we are sick.

If you don’t know what a sandstorm is, you can take a look at the above scene from the latest Mission Impossible movie is a scene where Tom Cruise is chasing someone while at the same time a sandstorm hits.

Not only is the UAE sandy, it is also humid, throughout the year we are breathing air that is composed of sand combined with water from humidity. Although the human body is a strong one, I don’t believe that it is designed to filter this kind of air. Especially not the concentrated levels of sand that a sandstorm brings into the air. This is why the Bedouins used to wear mouth covers, which explains why the ‘Niqab’ is one of Emirati women’s traditional wear.

Also, the sand from a sandstorm disrupts vision, reducing visibility while driving, similar to what would happen during heavy fog. Local news outlets are reporting many residents stuck in heavy traffic due to the sandstorm, and probably accidents too.

In cold countries, whenever the snow reaches a certain level, they decide to issue an alert and make a public holiday and force companies and schools to close for the sake of the safety of the people. However, the UAE has decided not to do that yet, which is possible due to economic reasons.

UAE residents can be heard all over social media wishing to have a public holiday. However, stopping people from working or going out would slow down economic transactions and negatively affect the economy. If there’s no money flowing and projects that are running on loans get delayed for even 1 day would cause massive losses to the country.

Not everyone has the privilege of skipping work or school. There are laborers that are forced to work and could lose their jobs if they don’t. This is why we should think of these laborers and force a public holiday. There working in outdoors and exposes to serious health risks.

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  1. Not only labores, i work at the airport as aircraft dispatcher and im also forced to go out and check all my departure flights for more than hour, and no one cares also, many times we get sick because of the weather due to our job

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