2 teen suicides from Dubai school within 24 hours could be ‘Blue Whale Game’

Two Filipino teenagers from the same Dubai school have committed suicide within 24 hours of each other. This is causing panic within UAE parents for the fear of the Blue Whale game having started in the UAE.

The Blue Whale game is an online game that guides ‘players’ step by step starting from inflicting self-harm all the way to committing suicide to win the game. The creator of the game was quickly arrested at the earlier stages of the games booming and charged with the aiding in the suicide of more than 16 teenagers. The game has spread internationally and claimed many teenagers’ lives.

This is the first time the game has been linked to a UAE suicide, which is alarming, especially that the children are from the same school and committed suicide within 24 hours, which could mean that the game could be possibly booming in the region, especially that it relies on peer pressure to ‘win’ the game.

Although police investigators deny that the suicides are linked to the game, close friends and other children from that school claim it is indeed the case. The police are blaming the suicides on social problems happening within the family, especially the parents. The parents were shocked, both couples stating that they would have never ever expected their kids to choose to end their lives. They claim that the children were well off financially and socially and never showed any strange behavior.

UAE parents are advised to be more open with their children and have a communication path available for their children to comfortably vent out their frustrations. They are also advised to look into the Blue Whale game and increase their awareness on the topic to be able to detect Blue Whale game signs in the UAE community.

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